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Can this be the opening to a spin-off please??

May 24, 2010

Criminal Minds is a total guilty pleasure of mine. The guilt part comes from the fact that I used to relentlessly make fun of my former roommate for watching it. CBS has always been a network that has bored me to tears and so I teased him about approaching the age of 40 and watching “old people TV” and other such nonsense to get his goat – we had a very friendly-picking-on-each-other kind of relationship.

Well, when I moved and set up my TV and such I realized there were still a couple of episodes of CI left on my Tivo. I decided to watch one and see what all of the fuss was about and was immediately hooked. Now I am a filthy junkie for Criminal Minds and Tivo all of the reruns that play on basic cable. And this scene, which I saw last night whilst watching an aforementioned rerun, cracked my weak shit up (seriously, it’s all about the way Garcia says “Quan-tee-co” and the dude doing a Wile E. Coyote-style run away). It got me talking to my friends about the concept of a Sex and the City-esque spin-off about three single FBI gals trying to find love when they aren’t trying to find serial killers, child abductors and mass rapists. This then segued into one of my friends saying there should be a show called “Dex and the City”, a fusion of SATC and the serial killer drama Dexter. From here it all started swirling around in my brain as a mass of scenes of these ladies shopping for stylish killing outfits (a la Dexter’s super sexy “kill Henley”, as my friend Alyscia so awesomely calls it) and a whole date/mate/eviscerate kind of situation. Whatever happens, it should have a lot of Kirsten Vangsness geeking out on a computer and having awesome hair and clothing. You know, even more so than she already does on Criminal Minds.

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