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Another Golden Girl lost: Rue McClanahan dies.

June 3, 2010

No lie, I was talking to a client of mine yesterday about how Rue McClanahan and Betty White are the only members of the original Golden Girls cast who are still alive. But not anymore. It’s always strange to mourn the death of a celebrity – it’s not as if most of us knew any of them personally and it’s often creepy and unsettling when people act as if they’ve lost someone incredibly close to them. But for real, I found myself really sad when I hear the news of Bea Arthur’s passing in April. I think part of what saddens me about Bea’s and Rue’s deaths is that it’s a symbol of a passing of a certain type of entertainer and a certain type of entertainment. Not that there aren’t dozens of sitcom actors still living today, but the landscape of sitcoms has changed so much. Not only are there not shows like Golden Girls or Maude on the air anymore but these women were forerunners in comedy and television and their passing should be met with some sadness.

And let’s face it, as Blanche on the Golden Girls, Rue McClanahan was just straight up funny.

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