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June 17, 2010

I’ve been a bit slack on the blog in the last week or so due to work and the rare appearance of summer-like weather here in the Bay Area. Since we never get defined seasons, especially ones that involve extended periods of warmth and/or sunshine, one has to take advantage of it and be outside and away from ye olde computer. So in lieu of some more proper posts (a couple of which are in the bubbling and brewing stages), here are some little nibbly bits that are catching my interest or raising my ire.

– Tasha fierce has a great post on Red Vinyl Shoes titled “Why I’m an Angry Black Woman”. In it she mainly discusses issues around the criticism of Obama’s presidency and racism – both subtle to blatant – that has shot through a lot of said critique and how so many people like to act as though we are “post-racism” or “post-race” simply because we have a black man as president of the United States. Near the end of the article she links to a Gawker post about a “joke” Bill Maher made about wanting a “real” black president. The joke is not only offensive from the standpoint of blatant, tired, racist stereotyping, it’s also a horribly written joke. It feels like something that got shot through a time machine from the late 80s and came out of Bill Maher’s mouth in the here and now. Tasha’s blog is always fantastic so you should be reading more than just this one post!

–  Snarky’s Machine (a great blog which you should also be reading) is doing a guest stint at the Bitch magazine blog called “Snarky’s Cinemachine” and I am digging it big time. In particular her piece about Michael Bay’s sexist comments about Megan Fox and her piece about the lack of roles for women, especially older women, in Hollywood action flicks. She also shares a love of Judi Dench that I think Joel McHale would heartily approve of.

Racialicious has a slew of cool posts about comic books and issues of racial stereotyping and a lack of racially diverse characters. Their post about the killing off of Ryan Choi/the newest Atom is one standout piece and they also directed readers to a fantastic post on Comics Alliance by Chris Sims titled “The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling”. Sims calls out DC for how their resurrecting of so many of their classic characters and the killing of characters like Ryan Choi is seriously whitewashing the DC universe. It’s impressive that the comments go on for several pages with thoughtful, nuanced responses before the “lighten up” and “DC ISN’T BEING RACIST” type of comments appear.

– Finally, on a lighter note, I have watched this particular YouTube video a ridiculous number of times this week. Maybe this doesn’t count as “pop culture”, but I feel like YouTube is part of our current pop culture. And really, it’s just plain hilarious. And catchy as a flu bug.

I apologize in advance that you will be singing this all day/weekend/forever.

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