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Thursday Three: The magic number.

June 17, 2010

There’s something special about music and trios. There’s a certain magic power to it. Maybe it’s because I’ve been part of a power trio for the last 7+ years. Maybe because when there’s three people in a band it’s harder for there to be the kind of fights that happen when there’s four or more members and people can team up, take sides and get into it. Maybe it’s the economy of sound – everyone is doing what they do best and there’s not as many superfluous triangles, zithers and accordions or something. But whatever it is, when three and only three people come together to make music something fantastic happens. The Beatles may have been “the fab four” but three is totally where it’s at. And here’s some of my favorite power trios doing what they do best!

De La Soul – “The Magic Number”

Sleater-Kinney – “Entertain”

The Violent Femmes – “Blister in the Sun” (live)

Babes in Toyland – “He’s My Thing”

Cream – “I Feel Free”

Nirvana – “Sliver”

The Strangeloves – “Cara-Lin”

Ex-Boyfriends – “Situation” (yeah, it’s my band – but the video’s cool!)

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