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5 things about Robyn’s live show at Mezzanine, 7/25/10.

July 26, 2010

Hey look, that was a short-lived break, wasn’t it? I will probably still be low-key with posting this week but I had to blog a bit about the fantastic Robyn show I saw tonight.

1) The woman can dance like there is no tomorrow. Not in a choreographed, stage show kind of way. But in a wow-look-at-her-go-at-the-club kind of way. She just seems to have boundless energy and endless good moves. And she is clearly having a major blast on stage, which is always a joy to watch.

2) Her and her band really kept the older tunes exciting by changing up the arrangements and throwing in some remix-y feels to them. And the new stuff sounds even better live, especially “Fembot”.

3) While I dig songs like “Cry When You Get Older”, she debuted a new track that has a similar “inspirational dance pop” feel to it and I am really not sure she needs to go into that direction too much more. It can easily veer into cheese territory and, well, I’m lactose intolerant.

4) If it were legal to kick the crap out of people in the audience, I would take full advantage of that law. I don’t understand how people get so fucking rambunctious outside of a punk show but I actually had to move to the back to quell the rage boiling up in me as one jackass after another felt the need to start shit in the crowd. It made me wish Ian Mackaye was around to lecture people on pit etiquette.

5) Her set was fantastic but it only had one problem: she completely did not perform my favorite song, “Konichiwa Bitches”. To remedy that, here is the insanely adorable video for it.

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