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February 28, 2011

From the amazing Queer Action Figures

Hi there, loyal reader(s), I know I have been neglecting this blog as if it were my job to do so. But, to tell the truth, I’ve been conflicted about it for awhile now. I started Love Is The Slug as a way to write about my many pop culture obsessions/fascinations/critiques and that was good fun for a little bit. But I started to feel like it was all a bit pointless and redundant. There are tons of folks writing about pop culture stuff these days and I wasn’t quite sure how relevant it was for me to keep doing so. Anyone who knows me knows I love to blather on and on about pop culture stuff in a sort of sublime-to-ridiculous continuum. And that will probably never change about me. But it’s not what I want the focus of this blog to be anymore.

In case the image to the right doesn’t give you any sort of indication, Love Is The Slug will be taking on a much more markedly queer bent from here on out. I find that it was starting to go that way already and I have a lot more I want to say about queer life/culture/issues than I do about the larger blanket of pop culture. That is not to say the content here won’t ever be about queer and pop culture intersecting – it would be impossible for that to not happen here as the two are completely connected and often inform one another for better or for worse. And this is also not to say that this blog will become uber-serious or joyless, not at all. Sometimes there will be Serious Stuff and other times Fun and Frivolous and anything else in between. I also know that I represent one voice and not the queer world at large so I am hoping to get some interviews in here with other queer folks as well as (hopefully) some guest posts.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my work as a budding hairstylist is still a big priority for me and is where my main focus is at right now. This means I can’t promise any kind of set-in-stone posting schedule because I’d just be shooting myself in the foot. But hopefully I can keep the blog active enough to keep you reading and responding. And I do want response! Comments are a great place for respectfully critical dialogue to take place. And I cannot emphasize the respectfully critical part enough. I love a good debate but let’s not let ourselves get too hateful and heated, which is easy to do with issues close to our hearts and lives. Let’s give each other the benefit of trying to come to these issues with a good intention and have the dialogue be thoughtful, exciting and respectful. Trolls will, as always, be quickly deleted and blocked.

So, hopefully you’ll keep on reading as Love Is The Slug transforms into this new incarnation. And if you have ANY stuff you want to share through this blog or people you think I should know about/interview/etc. please don’t hesitate to use the handy email form on the sidebar to get in touch!!

xoxo Chriso

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  1. dani permalink
    February 28, 2011 2:25 pm

    hey man, completely understandable. evolution is natural and your changing into a new person/writer/blogger. i’m very interested to read the new articles. good luck with everything 🙂

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